Do you know you could be having more impact, but don’t know how?

You know it. That sense that life’s got something bigger in store for you. That it’s time to take things to a new level and make a bigger difference but you’re not sure exactly how? Whether you’re already working as a transformation professional (e.g. An executive coach, consultant, therapist, trainer) or just have the sense that there’s something calling to you: transformation starts with you (you can’t give what you haven’t got) and it has a structure; a structure you can learn, benefit from and use to make a difference to others.

Jamie Smart,
No.1 bestselling Author,
Coach & Trainer

This programme has shown over 230 people how to have a massive impact through a new understanding of the mind

This gives you the “comfort in your own skin” that lets you navigate life elegantly, plus the self-belief and confidence in your abilities that lets people know you can deliver the goods. This is indispensable whether you want to take your practice to the next level or be more influential in your professional and personal life. In this programme, you’ll be guided through three essential transformations: Grounding (personal), Impact (interpersonal) and Livelihood (commercial).

Apply for a place on the programme and to become a member of the community

The Certified Clarity Coach Training programme starts early 2020, and includes 15 training days. There are 64 places in total live in-person and via our world class live-streaming experience (from the comfort of your home or office). The programme is by application only. Once you’ve submitted your application, we’ll schedule a 30-minute “chemistry call” with you to assess your suitability. Your application will then be reviewed by Jamie and the team to decide whether you’ll be a good fit for the community (and vice versa). You’ll be notified about whether your application is successful within 7 days.

Real Results

Kimberley Hare
Coach, trainer and consultant

'The pay-off? Incredible clarity and a deep and profound feeling of joy, well-being and gratitude.'

Vanessa Pringle
Charity CEO

'I’ve fallen in love. It did not occur to me that life could be this good.'

Joe Gregory
Business Owner

'I found myself falling in love with my business again.'

Ankush Jain

'I now make money from helping people to significantly improve their lives.'

Mark Howard, PhD
Therapist and coach

'His knowledge and support have been instrumental in helping me develop my principles-based coaching business...'

Billy Mann
Business Owner

'It’s helped me to go out and win a lot more work.'

Chantal Burns
No.1 bestselling author, consultant and coach

'This is The Missing KPI. My corporate clients are healthier, happier and excelling themselves, as a direct result of their understanding of these universal principles.'

Bev Holden
Business Owner

'The quality of my relationships with other people has skyrocketed.'

Shoshana Garfield, PhD

'I am happier than I have ever been, earning more than quadruple what I was earning when I started the course.'

Marina Pearson
Number 1 Bestselling Author of Goodbye Mr Ex

'I’ve gone from struggling to make a living, to having my best six months ever! My coaching business is going from strength to strength, and I’m finally running workshops that are filling with ease! Best of all, it’s happened effortlessly, without me even noticing.'

Watch video testimonials here


Course Outline and Dates

Part One: GROUNDING – Your Personal Transformation (Modules 1 and 2)

Grounding (aka “mindset”) is the foundation piece, yet it’s often the last place people look. Your grounding is what governs whether or not you’re able to have a massive impact personally and professionally. This means going through your own personal transformation so you can “be the change” in the lives of others.

Part Two: IMPACT - Your Interpersonal Transformation (Modules 3 and 4)

Your impact is what clients pay you for, give you raving testimonials for and what they’ll refer you to their friends and colleagues for. So what has to happen for you to have the kind of deep inner confidence and certainty that you can have a truly transformational impact in your clients’ lives? Simple: You’ve got to be capable of having that impact, and free from the insecurities that get in its way.

Part Three: LEVERAGE - Your Commercial Transformation (Modules 5 and 6)

Most of us have been trained for a world of jobs, employers and bosses, not the world of exponential opportunity that is quickly emerging. Your commercial transformation is about taking real control of your livelihood, and moving into a world of abundance through connection and service.

Summer Camp (Module 7)

As you reach the final module of your Clarity Coach Training journey, it’s a time for consolidation, celebration and your continuing evolution.

Module 1 - 25/26 January 2020: Coaching Foundations: Clarity, Connection and Certainty

  • WELCOME: Registration, welcome and introduction.
  • OVERVIEW: Programme overview, structure and support
  • FOUNDATIONS: how to use the power of the single paradigm and Implication-based Learning to create profound transformation.
  • CONNECTION: how to build deep rapport and "soul-to-soul" connection with individuals and groups.
  • INSIGHT: Harnessing the awesome power of insight and realization.
  • PERFORMANCE: The principles behind mental clarity and high performance.
  • CERTAINTY: Finding your source of certainty and inspiration for impacting yourself and your clients.
  • CONFIDENCE: Minimising self-doubt and maximising the kind of “quiet confidence” that feels so good and that people find so compelling

Module 2 - 22/23 February 2020: Coaching Foundations: the Clarity Coaching Model and the Role of Intuition

  • RELEVANCE: Seeing the role of the principles behind clarity in any and every situation, allowing you to ask highly relevant questions, make salient points, and quickly establish your credibility.
  • RELATIONSHIP: The Clarity Relationship Model: Bring more connection, compassion and clarity into all your relationships.
  • INTUITION: How to navigate by wisdom and intuition to make better decisions, and have greater impact.
  • CLARITY: Identifying and clearing your blind spots, sticking points and stumbling blocks.
  • DIRECTION: Awakening your inner source of leadership and direction, so you can take action and move forward without fear of criticism.
  • RESULTS: The Clarity Results Model: Setting your trajectory for personal transformation.
  • MOTIVATION: Tapping into your innate capacity for resilience, motivation and momentum. My inspiration is this: I want to see you building up momentum over the next few months so that by the time we get to the end of the year, you’ll be living in a new world, and feeling great about continuing to build and grow.

Module 3 - 28/29 March 2020: High Impact Coaching: Presence, Listening and Creativity

  • IMPACT: The Clarity Impact Model: increase your level of impact instantly in any context.
  • LISTENING: Deep listening is like the transformation superhighway, and it’s absolutely essential if you want to make profound changes.
  • INTAKE: How to do "intake" with individuals and groups, in personal and business contexts. This is how you find out where a client is, what they need, and how to establish the relevance of what you offer.
  • PRESENCE: Authenticity, transparency and presence... People can feel it when you’re in touch with these, and they turn out to be like a “route-finder” for doing profound transformational work with people.
  • SECURITY: You’re going to connect deeply with your inner source of security and wellbeing (neediness and insecurity are like static on the radio when it comes to impacting clients).
  • CREDIBILITY: How to talk about the inside-out nature of life in a "business-friendly" way that makes it easy for potential clients to "hear" you, while building your credibility and authority.
  • CREATIVITY: Developing your creative process, the key to working with “nothing on your mind”, secure in the knowledge that you’ll have what you need when you need it.

Module 4 - 25/26 April 2020: High Impact Coaching: Getting your Client the Result

  • RESILIENCE: We all have times when we don’t know what to do, or the client acts in a way that we feel unprepared for. You’ll learn how to keep your bearings in challenging situations, and find them again quickly if you should happen to lose them.
  • ENGAGEMENT: How to share your understanding in a way that truly engages and impacts the people you want to connect with and make a difference to.
  • CALIBRATION: The Clarity Calibration Model, your internal “routefinder” for staying on-track and making progress with your client.
  • EDUCATION: How to identify "windows of teach-ability", the points where your client is particularly open to hearing something new and being impacted by you.
  • SIMPLICITY: There are only two problems your client ever has. As you see this, it simplifies matters, increases your confidence and eliminates burnout and overwhelm, because your work becomes fun, fulfilling and exciting.
  • BREAKTHROUGH: How to identify your client's “ultimate leverage point" for experiencing genuine transformation.
  • SPEAKING: How to speak from a clear mind with individuals and groups, trusting your inner wisdom to guide and direct you.

Module 5 - 30/31 May 2020: Your Coaching Practice: Visibility, Engagement and Value

  • INSTINCT: Unlocking your entrepreneurial instincts
  • ABUNDANCE: Your freedom of thought around money, wealth and fees.
  • AUDIENCE: How to find well-qualified people to work with (we’ll be demystifying and simplifying the whole domain of niching, targeting etc.)
  • VISIBILITY: The key to forming relationships with the people you want to serve.
  • ENGAGEMENT: Awakened marketing, and the keys to sharing your understanding in a way that truly engages and impacts the people you want to connect with, and feels natural, authentic and transparent for you.
  • CONTEXT: How to share what you know in a "business-friendly" way that makes it easy for potentially “difficult” audiences to hear you (E.g. businesses, scientists, academics, family members).
  • VALUE: The Clarity Value Formula, the key to generating value from the impact you have

Module 6 - 27/28 June 2020: Your Coaching Practice: Audience, Influence and Enrolment

  • INFLUENCE: The ethical keys to falling in love with persuasion, enrolment and selling (including how to have stress-free selling conversations that eliminate pressure and discomfort for you AND your client).
  • STRATEGY: The Clarity Strategy Formula for bringing your and your clients’ visions to life.
  • MODEL: How to find the business model / practice model that fits you and your lifestyle (including what you need to know in order to conduct "multi-day intensives" with clients).
  • REFERRALS: The number one most reliable, low-cost way to grow your practice / business / client-base.
  • EXPONENTIAL: The mindset you need to capitalise on the exponential acceleration in technology and innovation (and the “exponential psychology” that enables it).
  • EXPERIMENTATION: How to combine your resilience, wisdom and creativity to conduct innovative experiments that allow you to learn and grow fast.
  • PROSPERITY: Extraordinary changes are sweeping the world. You’re going to discover why being a “transformation professional” is a great path, and learn the keys to prospering in the transformation economy.

Module 7 - 24/25/26 July 2020: Integration, Celebration and Certification

  • CONSOLIDATION: You’ll be consolidating and further integrating all that you’ve learned, and troubleshooting any remaining sticking points.
  • APPRECIATION: It’s an an opportunity for reflection on the distance you’ve travelled, gaining new insights and impact in the process,
  • CONTRIBUTION: You’ll identify opportunities to contribute to your community, your field and to humanity.
  • CERTIFICATION: The opportunity to gain a recognised certification as a Clarity Coach or Clarity Practitioner (see 'Certification Criteria' below for details).
  • EVOLUTION: You’ll have a new vantage point for looking to the future, as your transformations continue to unfold and emerge.
  • COMMUNITY: You’ll also be deepening your connection with a close-knit community of lifelong friends, colleagues and peers to share your journey with.
  • CELEBRATION: Together, we’ll be celebrating just how far we’ve all come, enjoying each other and sharing our visions for the future.
One of the
Intensive Unpacked
sessions with Andy

BONUS #1 – The Clarity 1:1 Intensive Unpacked (Value £695)

Many coaches aspire to run 1:1 Intensives with their clients - and no wonder. Working deeply with a client for several days at a time offers possibilities way beyond those available when working in shorter sessions. You get to see your client experience a massive transformational impact in a very short period of time, often achieving in a few days what might otherwise have taken months or even years to accomplish. You get to charge a premium (for example, Jamie Smart charges £30,000 or more for coaching packages that include an intensive) because the results can be so dramatic, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’re really delivering the goods.

During the summer of 2017, Jamie Smart conducted a 3-day Clarity 1:1 Coaching Intensive with a corporate lawyer named Andy. But this was an intensive with a difference, because it was done in front of a live audience of coaches, therapists and trainers who wanted to get a ‘fly on the wall’, insider’s view on how to actually work with a client in this profoundly transformational way.

After each session of the intensive with the 1:1 client, Jamie joined the audience of coaches and therapists and unpacked what he was doing, answering their questions, sharing his intuitions and revealing advanced coaching insights. Fortunately, we captured all 3 days - the whole event - on video, so you’re going to get exclusive instant access to this previously unreleased audio and video material as soon as you join the Certified Clarity Coach Training Programme.

BONUS #2 – Your choice of either The Thriving Coaches Blueprint, Escape Velocity: The Transition Blueprint, or Clarity for Personal Transformation

As part of your participation in the Certified Clarity Coach Training programme, you’re also going to get a place on whichever one of the following 3 ‘tracks’ best fits your needs.

You'll get lifetime access to your choice of 90-day programme, so you can go through it whenever you like, as many times as you like. You can choose your programme whenever you're ready: before, during or even after you complete the Certified Clarity Coach Training programme.

a) The Thriving Coaches Blueprint (Value: £1695)
The Thriving Coaches Blueprint is going to be a great fit for you if you are *already* working as a coach, therapist, trainer or other transformation professional, and want to focus specifically on increasing your income and growing your practice.

b) Escape Velocity: The Transition Blueprint (Value: £995)
Escape Velocity: The Transition Blueprint is going to be a great fit for you if you are looking to transition out of your current main occupation into coaching, therapy, consulting, or something else more fulfilling and on-purpose for you.

c) Clarity for Personal Transformation (Value: £995)
Clarity for Personal Transformation is going to be a great fit for you if you want to focus on bringing an understanding of these principles into every aspect of your personal life.

100% Money-back Guarantee

We back The Certified Clarity Coach Training Programme with a 100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee. Join us on the programme, and if you’re not blown away by the difference it’s making to you within 30 days of attending the first module, we’ll give you your money back. No quibbles, no hassle. And why a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee? Because we want you to have complete security that you can try the programme with absolutely no financial risk to you.


Coaching Confidence and Impact

Philippe, Becky, Marcus and Terri talk about the ways they’ve each transformed their coaching practice through taking part in this programme.


Better Business Performance and Results

Phil, Gary, Marcus and Nikki share the way that taking part in this programme has resulted in: winning more work, dealing easily with stress and overwhelm, and gaining new clarity around business strategy and decision-making.


Connection and Loving Relationships

Terri, Vanessa, Pete and Philippe share their experience of transformation in their relationships with family and loved ones through taking part in the programme.


Apply now for 2020

Programme dates:
Module 1 - 25/26 January 2020
Module 2 - 22/23 February 2020
Module 3 - 28/29 March 2020
Module 4 - 25/26 April 2020
Module 5 - 30/31 May 2020
Module 6 - 27/28 June 2020
Module 7 - 24/25/26 July 2020


Live In-Person

Yes, I want to apply for a live, in-person place on the Clarity Coach Training Programme in central London. I understand it takes place over seven weekends (15 days training in total) and includes the following elements:

  • Practice: Structured co-coaching with your colleagues and peers
  • Clients: Access to specialist materials and training on how to build and grow your client base
  • Archive: Access to library of materials from all seven modules plus additional unreleased recordings from the Clarity archive
  • Community: Lifetime access to our exclusive community
  • Certification: The opportunity to gain a recognised certification as a Clarity Coach or Clarity Practitioner (see 'Certification Criteria' below for details)


Yes, I want to apply for a live-streaming (virtual) place on the Clarity Coach Training Programme. I understand it takes place over seven weekends (15 days training in total) and includes the following elements:

  • Practice: Structured co-coaching with your colleagues and peers
  • Clients: Access to specialist materials and training on how to build and grow your client base
  • Archive: Access to library of materials from all seven modules plus additional unreleased recordings from the Clarity archive
  • Community: Lifetime access to our exclusive community
  • Certification: The opportunity to gain a recognised certification as a Clarity Coach or Clarity Practitioner (see 'Certification Criteria' below for details)


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Pay the 2018 price when you book your place before January 31st, 2019


Live In-Person Attendance (32 places in total) £7,650 + VAT for flexible payment plans, or £6,950 + VAT for payment in full.

Live-streaming/Virtual Attendance (32 places in total) £7,650 + VAT for flexible payment plans, or £6,950 + VAT for payment in full.


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Pam Featherstone, Personal Transformation and Business Growth Coach, ActionCOACH, no. 1 Global Coach of the Year

Seven-figure coach Pam describes how the programme has helped her get far more profound shifts with her clients. Plus the unexpected personal shift that occurred the very first weekend and is still delivering very visible results!

“The value it’s given to me personally has been immense, even without the value it’s given to my clients and my business.”



Jeff Shrimpton, Business Coach

Six-figure business coach Jeff Shrimpton describes the way the programme has enabled him to create shifts with clients in minutes, as well the huge transformation in the "emotional rollercoaster" of his life.

"Since I've been on Jamie's course my business has been growing. Because I'm more stable and I'm more centred, the growth that I'm getting is more stable, more sustainable".



Farah Hussain, Psychotherapist

Farah joined the programme as a registered psychotherapist looking to set up her own private practice and earn enough to leave her full time role. She achieved this - but what she didn't anticipate was that the results she was getting with her clients would go through the roof:

"...the core scores were just crazy – I mean, the drop in terms of someone starting off with quite extreme psychological distress and just dropping right back into the normal clinical population. To get that kind of a drop, it was just completely mind-blowing."



Vanessa O'Brien, Nutritional Therapist and Clarity Coach

Vanessa was working as a nutritional therapist doing a little bit of coaching. She wasn't getting to work with clients for as long or as deeply as she wanted, but when she joined the programme that all changed:

"I've found a way to incorporate my nutrition and nutritional therapy with my coaching but working in a much bigger, more holistic way, so that's much more fulfilling for me but also much more impactful for the clients. Financially... I've just charged my biggest amount for a programme, which I never envisaged being able to do."



Innes Henry

Innes was a what he describes as a "watershed" moment in his personal life when he joined the programme:

"Everybody has the capacity to lead and do extraordinary things which they never thought were possible... I'm a much happier person despite going through a series of events which on the surface would appear fairly difficult, but being able to cope with things like that with grace and ease - that that's what the program can give you."



Claire Russell, Consultant

Claire joined the programme for personal reasons and found it invaluable in navigating huge life change.

"Literally everything has everything has changed you know, it's completely changed how I view all of my relationships and the depth of connection that I'm experiencing with everybody, particularly the people that I'm that I'm closest to."