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Do you have a passion to make a difference, but sometimes struggle to articulate it in a way that gets attention, has an impact and delivers results that people are happy to pay for?

We all know the importance of language and words. Whether you’re trying to write your website,  fine-tuning your elevator pitch or looking for exactly the right question to help someone’s mind to open… one thing is clear:

Language and words are your delivery system if you want to get people’s attention, so you can make a difference & earn your living in the online economy. 

But there’s a problem. 

With so many people clamouring for attention, it’s getting harder and harder to get your voice heard because there’s so much noise. From email, to Facebook, to Youtube and Instagram stories, people are overwhelmed with the barrage of words being aimed at us. So I’m going to share a secret with you…

If you want to be able to cut through the noise, connect with people and really have an impact, there’s one source of interference that you’re going to have to deal with first. It’s the noise and mental chatter in the mind of the person you’re communicating with. And the only way to cut through that is by choosing the words that allow you to engage them,

connect with them and have an impact in their lives. Because, let’s face it, it’s IMPACT that people pay you for. 

And here’s the thing: While we know it’s not just about the words, we also know you can’t just sit there quietly and hope for the best. Language and conversation really are the ‘delivery system’ if you want to cut through the noise and make a difference to others.

Yet I meet so many people who have something truly amazing they want to share with the world, but feel stuck because they don’t know how to articulate it.

So how do you get out of this trap?

The answer is what I call The Language of Transformation, and once you know this, it allows you to do things that look like magic to people who don’t understand it. 

Jamie Smart
Sunday Times Bestselling Author, Speaker & Coach

Once you know the language of transformation…

  • It makes it easy for you to develop heart to heart connections and trusted advisor relationships.
  • It gives you the confidence to ask great questions, and know ‘the right thing to say’.
  • You learn how to really engage your audience, and have them hanging on your every word.
  • It allows you to easily and ethically influence clients and the other people who matter to you, whether you’re enrolling them in programmes & projects you’re passionate about or inspiring them with a bigger vision for their lives.
  • The language of transformation allows you to create the conditions for insight and guide people with wisdom & care.
  • As you become a master of language and conversational transformation, you start to feel the deep inner confidence you get from truly knowing you can make a profound difference to others.

Whether you’re growing a coaching practice or leading a multinational corporation, ultimately, the difference you make in people’s lives is the thing you get rewarded for.

And language is the delivery system for making that a reality.

The Language of Transformation is a programme that will teach you the keys to using language in ways that build engagement, increase connection and create the conditions for insight and transformation. This isn’t just going to make you a more impactful communicator; it’s going to make you a more successful leader, colleague and coach.

Here’s what you’ll get when you register now…

Recordings of The Conversational Transformation Bootcamp (2 days)   

As you go through this powerful, 2-day online immersion experience with me, Jamie Smart, you’re going to learn the key distinctions you need to have a profound impact in the course of any conversation.

These distinctions are going to make every conversation easier, more natural and more effective, whether you’re enrolling a prospective client, coaching the CEO of a company, or encouraging your teenager to adopt healthy values rather than those being promoted by the beauty industry or the local drug dealer.

Recordings of the Language Mastery Module every week (for 6 weeks)

Every week for six weeks we will be focusing on one of the six languages of transformation (see details of each of the six modules below)

Weekly experiments

There are also going to be experiments every week to help you wire in the learnings so you can develop your skills and make rapid progress.

Recordings of the Targeted Group Coaching Session with me, Jamie Smart on each week’s module (6 weeks)

Bonus: Instant Access to the Spellbinding Storytelling & Transformational Metaphor self-study programme (worth £795)


(Prices include VAT and may be even lower outside the UK)

Here are the six ‘languages of transformation’ you’re going to be discovering in the weekly modules

The language of connection

This is what really allows you to get another person’s world. 

It’s also what allows you to go upstream with them, fast. And when you learn this, it’s almost like having x-ray vision that allows you to look inside another person’s mind, and see how they’re creating their reality. It lets you really get total clarity on what matters to them, and what’s been getting in their way until now. 

You’re going to be discovering some of the most powerful questions there are to get on the same page with people, and develop the kind of deep sense of connection that’s essential for creating trusted advisor relationships and having a MASSIVE impact. And when it comes to relationships, the language of connection is absolutely crucial, whether you’re wanting to develop that trust and connection with your clients, with your colleagues, or with your loved ones. 

The language of engagement

Here’s a secret: if you want to get someone’s attention and engage them in what you’re doing, you need to join the conversation they’re already having with themselves.  

And once you can do this, it makes it SO much easier to bring people on the journey with you, because you’re demonstrating that you get their world, and that what you’re saying is super relevant to them. You know, if I just said, Oh, I'm going to be doing a course about language. You should come. That's not very interesting. Whereas if I talked to you about what we're going to be doing, what’s going to become possible for you once you’ve done it; the kind of impact and difference you're able to make to people; that’s much more interesting, isn’t it?  

And, here’s a really important point: if you’re looking to develop long-term, trusted advisor relationships with people, you can’t start by manipulating them into coming on the journey with you. Whether you’re looking to write posts that get hundreds of comments, or grow channels with thousands of followers, if you want to get people’s attention and have your audience hanging on your every word, you’re going to learn how to engage people ethically and authentically.

The language of enrolment

This is where the rubber really meets the road. 

You’re not only going to learn the magic words that make it easy for people to say "yes" to what you’re offering… you’re going to learn how to handle the inevitable objections and concerns that come up along the road to "yes". 

You see, concerns like "I can’t afford it", "it’s not the right time" or even just "I need to go away and think about it" are perfectly natural for people when they’re making an important decision. With the crucial mindsets and language skills you’re going to be learning, you’ll find objections and concerns melting away like butter on hot toast. Once you learn this, enrolling people doesn’t just become easy; it becomes fun, enjoyable and extremely profitable, for you and for your clients.

The language of breakthrough

This is one of things I’m most excited to share with you. If you’ve ever wished you knew how to dissolve limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering possibilities in the course of a conversation, you’re going to learn that here. 

And here’s why that’s so powerful. Once you can do this, you start to feel a real sense of confidence in your ability to transform people’s lives, whether you’re in a 1:1 conversation, or speaking to an entire group. 

And it’s that kind of confidence that telegraphs to people, “I can deliver the goods. I can help you get the results that matter to you.” When people pick up on that confidence, it makes it so much easier at every stage in the process, right from engagement and enrolment all the way through to delivery. And here’s another cool thing: because I’m going to be demonstrating this to you as well as teaching you how to do it, you’re going to find your own limiting beliefs dissolving before your eyes and wake up to a new world of action and momentum.

The language of impact

This is the domain of genuine transformation. I believe the most valuable things a person can discover is how experience is created and who they really are, but there’s a catch: the only way *anyone* can discover this is to realise it insightfully for themselves. 

You may have heard me say that my job is to help create the conditions for people to have the insights that are going to make a go-forward difference in their lives. But how do you do that? In the Language of Impact module, you’re going to learn how to speak ‘behind the mask’, true self to true self so you can wake people up to the truth of who they are and what they’ve got going for them. And once you know how to do this, it makes you unstoppable.

The language of time

This is super powerful. Here’s why. Because our concepts of time show up in our language, well… all the time! And when you really start to see this, you can do magic with your words. 

I’ll give you an example. The fact that you’ve made it this far on this page means that this topic of language is really striking a chord with you, so… what would you have to have happen as a result of taking part in this programme to be looking back, say six months from now, and seeing your decision to join this programme as a 'no-brainer', brilliant choice? How would you know it was a great choice, a really valuable investment of your time, energy and financial resources? For some people it would be to make their money back by the end of the programme. For others, it will be to enroll 3 new clients, or get their website finished. For others still, it will be a new sense of confidence about their ability to articulate what you do, and to have an impact in the lives of others. So what would it be for you?  Now that’s just a simple example. See, when you tap into someone’s sense of time, you can help them make the decisions that really matter to them.

Here's what clients are saying about training with Jamie on his existing programmes...

About Your Teacher:

Jamie Smart is a Sunday Times bestselling author, trainer and coach with over 20 years of experience. He’s a master of transformation, and has a proven track-record of helping his clients make extraordinary changes and create outstanding results.

Over the years, Jamie has trained tens of thousands of coaches, entrepreneurs and private individuals.

In the early 2000s, he founded the company Salad and earned a reputation for being a master of using and teaching language to create rapid and lasting transformations. Then, in 2009, he was introduced to the principles behind clarity, and changed direction.

Now, in The Language of Transformation, Jamie will share what he's discovered about using language to create engagement, impact and insight into the principles behind clarity.

He has appeared on Sky TV and on the BBC, as well as in numerous publications, including The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Huffington Post and Psychologies Magazine. He is the author of the books CLARITY: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results, The Little Book of Clarity, The Little Book of Results and the Sunday Times Bestseller RESULTS: Think Less, Achieve More.

The Language of Transformation Recordings

  • The Conversational Transformation Bootcamp (2-day event) 
  • Quickstart Session / Welcome Call
  • Group Coaching Sessions
  • Weekly Language Mastery Module on each of the 6 languages

(Prices include VAT and may be even lower outside the UK)

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The Language of Transformation Programme comes with a 100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee. Join us for 30 days, and if you’re not blown away by the difference it’s making to you, we’ll give you your money back. No quibbles, no hassle. So you have complete security that you can try the The Language of Transformation Programme for yourself at zero risk to you.