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- Frequently Asked Questions -

What are the selection criteria for TCB? +


Here’s what how you’ll know if you’re a good fit for TCB:

  • You are a coach, therapist, consultant or change-worker (Eg. Sports coach, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, business coach, bodyworker etc)
  • You have some experience of working with clients (either paid, pro-bono or both)
  • You want to increase your income (and impact) in a way that fits with who you really are
  • You have space in your practice to work with at least one longer term contract client starting next month
  • You want to make a difference in people's lives, in a way that feels authentic and natural to you

If this describes you, TCB is the programme and community for you and where you are in your journey.

Why the focus on ‘coaching packages’? +


While there are many ways to grow a thriving practice, experience shows that the ‘coaching package’ model is a great approach for helping coaches, therapists and other transformation professionals stabilise their income and grow a thriving practice. There are x reasons for this:


a) When people pay by the hour, they limit their exposure. Think about it; who do you pay by the hour? Plumbers, lawyers, electricians… people who you want to spend as few hours with as possible. But as a transformation professional, you’re often guiding people through big changes, so you want your clients to ensure they get what they need from you, and don’t limit their exposure. The coaching package model is a great way of doing this.


b) When you enrol a client on a coaching package, not only do you have a clear idea of how much time you’re going to need to commit to them; you also have a confirmed stream of income for that work. And for coaches who have been charging by the hour, it can be like stepping into another world when clients start paying you £1,000, £3,000 or more to work with you for a longer period of time. In fact, many TCB graduates earn back the full investment for the programme with the next client they sign up.


c) The simple math: If you start with how much you'd like to earn in a year (E.g. £40,000), then divide it by how much you charge for an hour (E.g. £50/hr), most coaches find that the number of client-hours they require is very high (E.g. 800 hours). In fact, for most coaches, therapists and changeworkers, this means seeing a client for an hour, then having an awkward pause at the end when they ask, "Would you like to book another session?"


Now let's look at the package model approach. For example, Christina Cooper recently took part in the Thriving Coaches Blueprint programme and transitioned from an hourly model to a package model. She's enrolled a couple of clients on packages, the most recent one being for six months at £2,500.


Let's do the maths using this model. When you start with how much you'd like to earn in a year (E.g. £40,000) then divide it by a decent package price (E.g. £2500) you find that the number of client-packages you require is much lower (E.g. 16). And there's a world of difference between finding 16 people who are right for you to work with, VS finding HUNDREDS of people who are willing to buy a couple of hours from you. Not only that, but when a client enrols on a coaching package, they're *more* invested and committed to getting the results that matter to them. You might be amazed at what becomes clear to you when you do this simple exercise:


A = How much would you like to earn in the next year?
B = How much do you charge for an hour?
C = How many client hours would you require at this rate? (C=A/B)
D = What's a package price you'd like to charge at this point?
E = How many client-packages do you require? (E=A/D)


By the way, I recently worked through this whole subject in more depth during a Facebook live in the Profitable Coaches Group. You can watch the 21-minute video here:

Does TCB come with a money back guarantee? +


We back the Thriving Coaches Blueprint with a 100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee.  Take the programme for 30 days, and if you’re not blown away by the difference it’s making to you, we’ll give you your money back. No quibbles, no hassle. And why a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee? Because we want you to have complete security that you can try the Thriving Coaches Blueprint for yourself at zero risk to you.

What if I have self-doubt or feel like ‘who am I to do this work’? +


This is a surprisingly common concern for people who are drawn to doing work that they’re passionate about. It’s a perfectly normal part of the development process, and it’s one of the things we’ll be helping you resolve early in the TCB programme. You may be surprised to discover that getting this handled turns out to be easier than you think.

What exactly will I get in TCB? +


Here's What You'll Get:
  •  Impact Masterclass Laser-Coaching LIVE: Every week for 12 weeks, you'll get access to LIVE Laser-Coaching in a group context. While you'll get the opportunity to be coached past your own sticking points, some of your biggest insights will come as you watch and listen to your colleagues being coached. Best of all you're going to become a better, more successful coach in the process.
  •  The Thriving Coaches Blueprint online training programme - 12 full Learning Modules plus all bonuses. You get access to all the learning modules and recordings for life, including the video recordings of the original 3-day Transformational Bootcamp so you can get clarity on exactly what has to happen for you to create your thriving practice.
  •  The Thriving Coaches Mastery Series, a set of 8 exclusive interviews with friends colleagues and clients who are thriving coaches to give you the ‘inside-track’ on what the essential pieces were that enabled them to do what you want to do: become a thriving coach.
  •  The Impact Masterclass Reference Library: 12 x 90-minute recordings of Jamie coaching the original group of beta-testers who helped create phase 1 of the programme. This is an ‘Impact Masterclass’, and impact is what your clients pay you for, so it won’t just help you grow a thriving practice; you’re also going to become a much better coach.
  •  TCB Community Coaching LIVE, A monthly group session (via Zoom) where Jamie Smart fields your specific questions, helps clear your sticking points and gives laser-coaching to the people who volunteer for it so you can get unstuck and on-track with getting clients and making a decent living.
  •  Ongoing membership of the exclusive Thriving Coaches Blueprint DIGITAL Facebook Group where Jamie and his team will answer your questions and give you high-quality feedback to help you reach the clients you want to work with.
  •  Weekly Consolidation Experiments designed to help you deepen your grounding, amplify your impact and grow your practice with increasing confidence and certainty.
  • BONUS 1 – Your ticket to attend TWO LIVE TCB Transformational Bootcamps (either in- person or via live-streaming from wherever you are in the world). During these powerful interactive experiences, you’ll get the chance to work directly with Jamie Smart, connect with other coaches and turbocharge your ability to get clients so you can make real progress fast. Value £2000
  • BONUS 2 – Videos of the Thriving Coaches Blueprint LIVE Bootcamp, which teaches you the ultimate source of confidence as a coach; certainty about your client’s capacity for transformation (this is the kind of certainty clients are happy to pay for). Value £495 + VAT
  • BONUS 3 – Videos of The Effortless Influence Transformational Bootcamp which shows you how to be maximally influential, while being authentic and ethical (this is one of the master keys if you’ve ever aspired to earn ‘trusted advisor’ status and create a six-figure coaching or consulting practice). Value £995
  • BONUS 4 – A year’s membership of The Coaching Exchange to help you practice what you’re learning in a safe space and develop the kind of transformational skill you need if you want to offer high-end coaching packages or transformational retreats. Value £300
  • BONUS 5 - Effortless Enrolment: The Easy Way to Sign Up Coaching and Therapy Clients. This online course will show you how to enroll clients in a way that fits with who you really are, AND puts money in your bank account. Value £29
  • SURPRISE BONUS A: Getting Clients with Clarity will show you how to be authentic, transparent and natural in any client situation, making every aspect of enrolment more effective, from initial conversation to getting referrals. Value £495
  • SURPRISE BONUS B: Recordings of The Money Masterclass Sessions from last year. Your thinking around money determines your ability to accept payment for doing the work you love, and these sessions will help you clear the way for you to get the levels of income you deserve. Value £295
  • TOTAL VALUE OF BONUSES: When you add these bonuses up it comes to £4609 – that’s more than 3 times the investment you’ll pay when you enroll by Friday 13 April. And it’s all backed by our 30-day, no-questions-asked 100% money-back guarantee.
  • 100% GUARANTEE: - Our 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee (aka the 'Steal My Stuff' Guarantee) means you can join the course, download all of the material, then still request a refund if you feel like it. While I know you’re probably not going to do that, I want you to know this offer is literally ZERO risk to you. Click the button to enrol for the programme at no risk whatsoever and become a thriving coach.
Will TCB work for me if I live somewhere with few or no potential clients? +


One of the great things about TCB is that you’re going to realise you can find and work with clients all over the world. The days of having to find clients who are local to you are long gone. Simple to use, freely available technologies such as Skype, Google and Facebook mean your next client could be on the other side of an ocean. These days, if you live on planet Earth, you live somewhere with an abundance of potential clients.

What kind of time commitment will TCB require? +


The TCB Bootcamp lasts two days (though if you’re catching up on video, you should probably allow for 8 hours in total). Aside from that, if you allow 3-4 hours per week (30-40 minutes per day) for consuming the learning materials and working through the exercises, you’ll be in a great position. Of course, feel free to put in more time during the programme. After all, you’re creating the foundations for your thriving practice, and the actions you take today are going to be paying off next week, and twenty years from next week. Two important points for you to know:

1) Many of the learning materials can be consumed while you’re doing other things (E.g. driving, walking, working out, doing the laundry etc).

2) The exercises are activities that will be directly contributing to the growth of your practice. The exercises you complete now will form the basis for many of the clients you get over the coming months.

What makes TCB different from other programmes? +


The Thriving Coaches Blueprint isn’t just about information; it’s about transformation. The internet is overflowing with information about tools, tactics and techniques. But information alone won’t make you a thriving coach; you also need transformation. The core learning modules of the TCB are massively transformative, and don’t require you to make notes. Your coaching, your practice and your quality of life will transform simply by listening to them. This is one of the reasons many of our graduates go through the learning modules again and again. And as you go through the transformation, your ability to select and implement exactly the right information gets easier and easier.

Will TCB work if I've got no niche / hate selling / hate marketing / got no clients? +


We have numerous TCB graduates who started out without clients, without any marketing ability and with a phobia of selling. The whole purpose of TCB is to help you discover the ways of getting clients and growing your practice that fit perfectly with who you are. We don’t recommend that you start with a ‘niche’; instead, we show you the fundamentals that will allow you to find clients who deeply resonate with you and your message (even if you don’t know what that message is yet). You’re also going to learn how to enrol clients without stress, pressure or cajoling. The secret is this: you’re going to learn how to make your ‘practice-building’ activities be an expression of the things you already love doing. That’s one of the keys to growing a thriving practice.

How can I get my [spouse, boss, parent, friend] on board with TCB? +


Many of our students are keen to get the support of a close friend, colleague or loved one before committing to TCB. When they ask, “How can I get my <spouse, boss, parent, friend> on board with TCB?”, I usually say something like this:

Your <spouse, boss, parent, friend> knows you well. The most powerful communicator to them will be your level of certainty about whether or not TCB is a good fit for you. If you’re not sure, they’re likely to reflect that uncertainty back to you. If you’re 100% that TCB is the right programme for you, they’re likely to pick up on your certainty and reflect that back to you. So here’s what I recommend; take a little time to reflect on these questions:

Are you up for doing TCB or not? Are you ready to make a profound and lasting breakthrough in your coaching practice?

This is an important decision, and TCB is not for everybody. You’re going to be going through some major transformations, and it’s not to be entered into lightly. Reflect on it carefully, and decide for yourself. If you decide TCB isn’t a good fit for you, you don’t need to discuss it with your <spouse, boss, parent, friend>. If you TCB is a good fit for you, and you’re 100% committed to making this change, the person or people you discuss it will pick up on your clarity and certainty. And that gives you your best chance at getting them on board.

Will I make my money back from TCB / When can I expect to make my money back from TCB? +


How quickly you get a return on investment and make your money back (and beyond) from being part of TCB will depend on two things: a) where you’re starting from and b) how quickly you’re willing to test and experiment. And we have a great track record. We have new coaches and therapists who earn the cost of the programme back with their very first package client. We have practitioners who earn more in the first month than they've made in the previous year.  And we have experienced coaches earning 6 figures who've added 30% to their bottom line. Of course, there are some people who make more modest progress, but in almost every case, we find that the results you get will relate directly to a) how much you engage with the programme and b) how much action you’re willing to take.

Do you have proof that TCB actually works? / How do I know if TCB will work for me? +


We’ve been testing and refining the TCB programme for the past 3 years, and have worked closely with over 300 coaches, therapists and other transformation professionals. We have new coaches and therapists who earn the cost of the programme back with their very first package client. We have practitioners who earn more in the first month than they've made in the previous year.  And we have experienced coaches earning 6 figures who've added 30% to their bottom line. Of course, we also have people who have tried TCB and haven’t made the amount of progress they anticipated. However, when we’ve followed up with them, we’ve found that in almost every case, it’s been because of a change in their priorities, and where they put their attention and action. We find that the results you get will relate directly to a) how much you engage with the programme and b) how much action you’re willing to take.

Can I pay for TCB in instalments? +


We offer a variety of affordable payment plans for the Thriving Coaches Blueprint. Payment details will be announced when the programme is open for enrolments.

If you want to speak to a member of the team to explore extended payment plans, please email

What if I can’t attend TCB in person? +


While we have a number of clients who join us live in-person in London for the TCB Bootcamps, the majority of our clients join us from their own homes and offices, all over the world, via our state-of-the-art live-streaming facility. One of our objectives over the past 4 years has been to create a live-streaming experience that’s equal to the live-in-person experience, and we’ve managed to achieve that with flying colours.

What if I can’t attend TCB in person? +


While we have a number of clients who join us live in-person in London for the TCB Bootcamps, the majority of our clients join us from their own homes and offices, all over the world, via our state-of-the-art live-streaming facility. One of our objectives over the past 4 years has been to create a live-streaming experience that’s equal to the live-in-person experience, and we’ve managed to achieve that with flying colours.

In addition to the TCB Bootcamps, all group coaching and 1:1 coaching sessions are held via our virtual system from wherever you are in the world. Plus everything is recorded, so you can go through the material again and again.

TCB Graduates hail from dozens of countries around the world, including Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, the UK, the USA and Vietnam.

Do I have to be a coach to do TCB? +


While many coaches are drawn to TCB, we also have graduates from fields as diverse as sports training, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, business consulting, bodywork, homeopathy, nutritional therapy, three principles facilitation and alternative medicine. If you’re passionate about serving others, and want to make a decent living transforming people’s lives, the TCB is designed to help you achieve the impact, income and lifestyle you want.

How long do I get access to TCB for? +


I'm offering lifetime access to The Thriving Coaches Blueprint, which means that you can retake the program for as long as it’s in existence — for free.

Our graduates benefit from the programme over and over. Here’s what one of our graduates, Alan Combies told us:

"I like to call this programme the gift that keeps on giving because I keep coming back to the modules. I watched the recordings of every single two day event that you guys run there because I would get something out of it every single time." – Alan Combies

Every year we update the programme to reflect changes in technology and ‘the state of the art’ of the world of coaching. We also create new bonus trainings and add new Fun Sheets. Plus, you’re going to be part of the vibrant TCB community, where you can learn from and contribute to like-minded people who are on your wavelength and sharing the journey with you. You get all of this, every year, for FREE.

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