Thursday 10th December

7pm UK (11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern)

What words work to get people engaged with your stuff and ready to do BUSINESS with you?

You’re going to learn the keys to using language in ways that build ENGAGEMENT. This isn’t just going to make you a more impactful communicator; it’s going to make you a more powerful leader, colleague and coach.


From 1998 to 2009, my main focus was exploring, learning and teaching people how to use language in powerful ways...

- To capture the imagination and guide people on a journey.

- To ask questions, get someone's world and deepen connection.

- To engage people, dissolve objections and enrol clients.

- To transform their beliefs, and help them have breakthroughs so they could get the results that mattered to them.

Then, in 2009, I stumbled across the principles behind clarity (as articulated by Sydney Banks). I changed direction, and spent the next 10 years focusing exclusively on waking people up to the truth of the inside-out understanding, and supporting them in awakening others. 

In fact, my work with these principles forms the foundation for all my work, including my #1 bestseller CLARITY and my Sunday Times bestselling book, RESULTS.

And that's still my purpose today: awakening people and supporting them in awakening others.

And here’s the thing: On the one hand, we know it’s not about the words. On the other hand, there’s a way in which language is ‘the water we’re swimming in’. So last year I decided to do an experiment that started with this question...

What if I took a group of people who already have a deep understanding of the principles, and teach them some of the linguistic and non-linguistic distinctions I use to 'go upstream' fast with my clients?

I did the beta-test of the Clarity Advanced Coach & Facilitator Programme, and the results were off the hook! In fact, the word-of-mouth was so good that all 12 places on this year’s programme sold out in a heartbeat!

Because the experiment was such a huge success, I’ve decided to start dipping a toe in the water sharing ‘the language stuff’ with a very specific focus...


  • The #1 crucial thing you need if you want people to engage with your FB posts, blogs, articles, website etc.
  • The keys to using language to guide people on a journey, and get them to the point where they’re ready to work with you.
  • The ‘magic words’ that spark engagement, insight and transformational change.

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Thursday 10th December

7pm UK (11am Pacific, 2pm Eastern)

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