Clarity® Certification Training


- Frequently Asked Questions -

What are the selection criteria for CCT / How do I know if CCT is right for me?


We want enrolling on CCT to be the best decision you make this year, so it's in our interest to make sure it's right for you.   

Here's how you'll know if you you're a good fit for the programme: 

  • You have been personally impacted by Jamie’s work or the principles behind it and want to go deeper, continue your own journey of transformation and realise the principles more fully in your life. And/or...
  • You aspire to share this understanding with others in some way (for example to become a successful coach, therapist or trainer) and want to learn how to do this in a way that’s natural, authentic and impactful. Or...
  • You’re an experienced, coach, trainer or consultant looking to bring a deeper understanding of these principles into your work with others, for greater impact on your clients and a more profound experience of your work. Or...
  • You want to bring the benefits of this understanding to your company, organisation or community (E.g. business leaders, managers, teachers, sales people, facilitators, client-facing roles etc). It will be of particular value for people in client-facing or employee-facing roles who want to support the people in that community / organisation.

If you still have questions and want to speak to a member of our friendly team, you can schedule a discovery call here.

If you want to go ahead and apply, you'll see an enrolment questionnaire designed to ensure you're a good fit for this programme before you join.


How does the money-back guarantee work? / Does CCT come with a money back guarantee?


As with all of our programmes, we back CCT with a 100% satisfaction, 30-day money-back guarantee.  Take the programme for 30 days, and if you’re not blown away by the difference it’s making to you, we’ll give you your money back. No quibbles, no hassle. Why? Because we want you to have complete security that you can embark on the programme at zero risk to you.


What does the programme include / exclude? What does the programme cover / not cover? / What exactly will I get on CCT? / What is the structure of the programme / what is the programme schedule and timing?


Here's what you'll get on the programme:

  • Six 2-day and one 3-day intensive / immersive training weekends, one per month for the duration of the programme.
  • The first and last weekend training modules are live in-person (central London) and virtual/live-stream, modules two through six are virtual, life-stream events.
  • These will be a mix of training, coaching demos and hands-on exercises designed to guide you through the three essential transformations for bringing the principles behind Clarity into your life and work.
  • Days start at 10am UK and finish between 5 and 6pm UK.  
  • In addition, there are monthly Masterclasses with experienced teachers and trainers where you’ll have the opportunity for 1:1 coaching in a group context (these are held on weekday evenings, usually at 6pm UK time).

In addition, as soon as you enrol for CCT, you'll get the following course materials designed to let you start making progress immediately and hit the ground running in January 2020:

  • Instant Access to Clarity for Personal Transformation, an online programme to give you greater clarity and transformational insights in all the main ‘areas’ of life, including work, health, relationships, money and more. As well as making a difference in your own life, this programme will help you see the relevance and applicability of the principles in every aspect of life. This is crucial when it comes to working with others. (Value £695)
  • A VIP ticket to our flagship ClarityLive! event. ClarityLive! is a 2-day transformational experience held via our state-of-the-art live-streaming facility - so we’re joined by people from over 30 countries. As well as getting a big increase in your understanding of the principles behind clarity, you can also expect to have insights and realisations that have a transformational impact in your own life. If you’re not able to join us on the days, you’ll receive the full video and audio recordings of the weekend to watch and listen to whenever you want to. Next event: November 9-10, 2019 (Value £695)
  • Instant access to the Clarity Masterclass Library, containing the countless masterclasses I’ve done for previous years’ students with my colleagues, including Cathy Casey, Dr Mark Howard, Jan Chipman, Chip Chipman, Keith Blevens and others. This is only available to Clarity Certification Students. (Value £995)


I want to become a coach. What will this programme give me?  / Will I be a qualified coach by the end of the programme? / Will it help me get clients?


In short, yes - this programme is designed to guide you through your own personal transformation and to give you the personal grounding and coaching transformation skills to artfully guide others through transformation.  On completing the programme, you'll have the opportunity to be certified as a Clarity Coach (full certification criteria here).


I'm already a coach / therapist / consultant. What will I get from this programme?


We have had many established coaches, therapists and consultants go through the programme, in order to transition from or integrate Clarity Coaching with another modality (eg NLP, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy); have an even greater impact on their clients; take their practice to a new level, or to experience new levels of comfort in their own skin and ease and intimacy in their relationships.


I don't want to be a coach. How will this programme help me bring the principles behind Clarity into my life / work?


The CCT is designed to guide you through the three essential transformations for bringing the principles behind Clarity into your life, and into your interactions with others, whether as a parent, business leader, manager, teacher, sales person, personal trainer, community leader, facilitator, HR manager or anything else.

We also have many people who go through the programme for purely personal reasons. Many people join the programme to experience transformation in their personal relationships, to reach new levels of personal wellbeing and comfort in their own skin, reconnect with a sense of purpose and possibility, and rediscover a richness and enjoyment of life.


What kind of time commitment will CCT require?


The main CCT training programme will take one weekend per month (with a 3-day final module in July). These days run from 10am UK to 5-6pm UK.

In addition, you’ll want to make a few hours a month available for group coaching calls, 1:1 conversations and watching or listening to other course materials. Of course, feel free to put in more time during the programme. Many of the learning materials can be consumed while you’re doing other things (E.g. driving, walking, working out, doing the laundry etc).


What if I can't make some of the weekend modules?


We record all of our weekend trainings so that you can always catch up if unable to attend.  


What kind of certification / qualification  do I receive at the end of CCT?


When you take part in the Clarity Certification Training, you'll have the opportunity to be certified as a Clarity Coach or as a Clarity Practitioner.  Certification as a Clarity Coach is more stringent than certification as a Clarity Practitioner, and will require you to have completed a set number of hours of coaching in a 1:1 or group context. You can see the full certification criteria here.


What are my payment options for CCT?


Instalments: You can pay in monthly instalments: make one payment when you book your place, then one payment each month through the end of the programme.

Pay in full: You can pay for the programme in a single payment and save £1,000 off the standard price.

Flexible plan: Alternatively, you can book a call with a member of our team to arrange a personalised payment plan. 


What can I expect from a virtual training experience? / What is virtual training like?


"You can't help thinking you're actually in the room."

Back in 2014, we set out to create a truly extraordinary live-streaming experience for the delegates on our programmes. This was driven by two factors:

1) We saw that an increasing number of people wanted to take part in our programmes without having to leave the comfort of their home and incur the costs of travel, so we wanted to accommodate that desire.  

2) We saw a big trend towards people being coached virtually, with more and more coaches and therapists seeing their clients online. We recognised that the best way to equip our clients for meeting this trend is to include virtual training in the learning process.

Our goal was to create a live-streaming experience that’s every bit as good as being in the room with us in London and, the results have been phenomenal. You can watch people sharing their experience here.