• Feel deeply connected with an inspired vision for your life
  • Unlock your deepest inner joy, with the real you shining through in your work, your life and your relationships
  • Make a major change in life circumstances (e.g. creating the business and lifestyle you always dreamed of)
  • Let self-doubt slip away as you start feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin
  • Get on-track and stay on-track, intuitively navigating the twists and turns of life
  • Take your grounding in the principles behind Clarity to a whole new level, increase your enjoyment of life, and massively amplify your ability to make a difference to others

The CLARITY® Life Transformation Retreat takes place at the beautiful Grand Hotel Mencey in Tenerife from the 12th to the 18th May 2019

Bed and Breakfast for 6 nights is included, as well as all your work with Jamie Smart & Chip and Jan Chipman over the 5 days.


Jamie Smart

I’m a Sunday Times bestselling author, speaker and executive coach. I present regularly at major conferences worldwide, and love showing individuals and organisations the unexpected keys to Clarity; the ultimate leverage point for having a clear mind, more time, high performance and meaningful results. In addition to working with a handful of coaching clients and leading selected corporate programmes, I run professional development workshops for business leaders, trainers, coaches and consultants.

My books include CLARITY: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results, The Little Book of Clarity and my latest book, RESULTS: Think Less, Achieve More.

Chip and Jan Chipman

I met Chip and Jan Chipman in the summer of 2009. I attended a workshop run by Chip and Elsie Spittle that Jan also spoke at, and I was completely blown away by what I heard, and the depth of feeling they created. What I heard during those days changed me.

Chip and Jan have taken this understanding into numerous organisations (ranging from large corporations to prisons and rehab centres) and worked with countless individuals. Before Syd Banks died, he made Chip and Elsie the head of his school, saying "Chip Chipman and Elsie Spittle are the two individuals whom I believe have the deepest understanding of these principles, as well as an unwavering dedication to sharing them in their purest form. As such, I have asked them to take the leadership role in helping me with this priority." As you can imagine, I feel extremely fortunate that we're going to be spending this time with Chip and Jan.

"Spending six days with Jamie, Jan and Chip Chipman is the most profound experience I've ever had. The depth of feeling in the room was palpable and I remember feeling the stillest I've ever felt and I now know that that stillness is always there whatever is going on."

Simon Collins

"As soon as I heard about the 2017 Tenerife retreat, I knew with absolute certainty that I was meant to go. Right from the first morning, I felt I had found that missing link that hadn’t quite clicked for me till then. Never had I seen such unwavering, powerful, absolute knowledge of the Truth delivered in such a loving, simple and humorous way. Chip’s mesmerising stories touched places in me I hadn’t been to in years, Jan’s piercing insights left no wriggle room for ‘buts’ and Jamie’s incessant energy, humour and total dedication to serving us all, made a mind-blowing team. I truly saw and understood the meaning of my True Self out there and realised that’s all I ever need to see in anyone else to help them. The trip was priceless, in every meaning of the word. If you’re considering going, give yourself a present and find a way to make it happen."

Susie Spens


The principles behind Clarity were first articulated by Sydney Banks. Sydney Banks was a Scottish welder who had a profound enlightenment experience in 1974, and insightfully realized that there are three principles behind human psychology (just as there are principles in the fields of physics or chemistry). While they’re pointing in the same direction as many wisdom traditions of the past, Banks was able to go further, stating them as ‘principles’ in the scientific sense of the word (i.e. fundamental laws of reality such as the principle of gravity).


My dear friend, colleague and mentor, Chip Chipman and I will be leading the 2019 Clarity Life Transformation Retreat. You're going to be spending five days diving deep into the space of transformation. Our purpose is to "show you another world" and deeply explore the nature of the principles behind clarity. While you can expect this to have a profound impact on your grounding, we will not be doing explicit coaching exercises or skill-building. We will be aiming to help you "get everything you come for and more" by creating a space where you can experience a profound increase in your level of consciousness.

This will not be about intellectual understanding; it will be about transformation. We're going to be spending five days in a deep feeling, looking in the direction of the formless. Feel free to bring a "laundry list" of changes you want to make, goals you want to achieve and problems you want to solve, but be aware - you will get what you came for, but maybe not in a way you expect it!

This is one of my favourite events to run. We get to spend time together with a small group of people in the beautiful location of Tenerife as we facilitate profound and lasting change. In years to come, you'll look back at this as a transformational turning-point in your life.

"Having the space to truly connect with my true self, really helped me to insightfully see that we are okay no matter what. It was an amazing few days of true deep connection with myself and others, special beyond words. The result? I don’t joke when I say that an issue that had troubled me deeply for more than 40 years was no more... and I can honestly say I’ve thought about it nor been troubled by it since the retreat. Hugely transformational. I feel blessed to have been a part of this..."

Sarah Watkiss

"People asked me where I had been and what had happened when I got home from last years retreat because I looked so different. I said that I had just sat in a room for 5 days and listened to stories and it had changed my life. I felt like I had shed a skin that had been constricting me for 50 years. As the stress left my body my long term back pain went with it and the peace I felt then has stayed with me. I came back with a real sense of my true self and that’s what they saw when they said I had changed. They were seeing the real me for the first time."

Christine Friend


Chip and I will be joined by his wife Jan, an experienced three principles pioneer in her own right. We'll be there from the 12th of May until the 18th of May, so you will get the opportunity to hang out and get connected with us before the retreat starts (and after it finishes). The retreat proper is for 5 days, starting on May 13th and finishing on the 17th. The days will involve:

  • Interactive teaching sessions with Chip and myself
  • Space for reflection and insight
  • One or more sessions taking place in a more "recreational" context, e.g. a hike or a walk (so bring your walking boots!
  • A group session with Jan and Chip exploring the domain of relationships, a subject they're passionate about
  • The opportunity for 1:1 coaching with Chip, Jan or myself (this is included in the price of the retreat)
  • Plenty of time for connecting and socialising (e.g. meals together, exploring, etc.)
  • Plenty of room for recreational activities (the resort has a variety of recreational activities available, and there's lots going on in Santa Cruz)

"I have now been on last three of Jamie’s life transformation retreats and I am planning to go again. There is a reason that I’ve been so many times. Each time I have experienced a profound jump in my understanding of the principles behind Clarity and my sense of connection and grounding.

The first retreat had an unbelievable impact on me, I had such a strong sense of connection with everything around me and such a sense of joy that I was barely able to speak for the first few days. It totally disoriented me - in a good way - I needed that to happen.

I’m throughly looking forward to next May and seeing what happens this time."

Hazel Mclaren

"Wish I could make 2019 my 3rd year of going. Both years have been profound experiences for me. You’ll come back being more ‘You’. You can't possibly know what that is before you go.

My family relationships are more connected, loving and fun than they have ever been. My mind has become increasingly quieter. I’m more present to life and get so much more joy out of it."

Sarah Phipp

12th - 18th May 2019
Tenerife - The Canary Islands

The CLARITY® Life Transformation Retreat takes place at the beautiful Grand Hotel Mencey in Tenerife from 12th to the 18th May 2019


Bed and Breakfast for 6 nights is included, as well as all your work with Jamie Smart & Chip and Jan Chipman over the 5 days.

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